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Kerry O'Brien wild horse advocateAbout Kerry O’Brien Wild Mustang Horse Advocate:

In July of 2014 I walked away from the dictates of “conventional” wisdom and consumer society.  Forty years in metropolis had left me feeling deeply disconnected from nature as the City of the Angeles continues its unrelenting growth. In spite of my California native garden and hikes in the Hollywood Hills, I felt like I was dying. I walked away from my life and business to explore new possibilities, returning to my roots with 2 dogs, a 20-year-old van, trailer and camera.

Horses in my future

Several times prior to leaving I told friends I felt horses in my future. I had no picture in my mind of what that meant. A month later, a casual stop in Wyoming for some wild horse photography pulled me headlong into the vortex of the wild horse controversy. Since then I’ve been photographing, writing, myth busting and making amazing new friends. September of 2015 I got a call. One of the Salt Wells Creek mustangs I photographed wild, before she was gathered, came back into my life for a third time. What could I do? The project has taken on a life of its own in ways I never could have imagined. See what happens when one jumps into the abyss!







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