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Tibetan Monk Sand Mandala

Tibetan Monk Sand Mandala in Santa Fe, NM

Tibetan Sand Painting-Kerry O'Brien Photographer

Those Tibetan Monks are at it again, making sand mandalas for the healing of the planet.

Kerry O'Brien Photographer - Tibetan Monk Sand Paintings

There will be a “dispersion” ceremony today. After  painstaking creation they will sweep the sand into a vessel and distribute half the sand to the spectators and take the other half to a local river where it will be carried to the sea, for the healing of the planet.

Tibetan Sand Painting-photo by Kerry O'Brien

I’ve been waiting a long time to actually see one of these and it was wonderful. Gotta love those monks!

Tibetan Sand Painting - Kerry O'Brien Photographer

If you are interested in finding out more or checking their schedule (these guys are touring maniacs!) click here: http://www.mysticalartsoftibet.org/Mandala.htm#top