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Mojave Through Hikers & Flagstaff

Pacific Coast Trail through hikers - photo by Kerry O' Brien

It was a fantastic May day in the Mojave as I finally broke through LA’s gravitational force field. First stop in Hesperia met with a flurry of Pacific Crest Trail through hikers scarfing McDonalds. Hailing from all over the country most had been out for a month at this point, had been snowed on and were loading for the push through Tehachpi before hitting the good water in the Sierras.

Mojave Desert landscape-photo by Kerry O'Brien

May is always a great month in California and this was the best desert crossing I’ve ever had. Only mid eighties so I could actually drive in the daytime!

Tree in rest stop, altered - Photo by Kerry O'Brien

Lots of folks loved this grab photograph of a tree at the last rest area in CA last Nov. Coming out this time I grabbed the same tree again. A little different this time!

Tree in rest stop, altered - Photo by Kerry O'Brien

Cheap gas - Photo by Kerry O'BrienAlways good to get gas once past the CA border. When I came back in early March the story was gas prices were up in CA because we were getting the special “Summer Blend.” More recently the story was a break down in an “undisclosed” refinery. What is UP with that?

I love driving along old Route 66 from Kingman through Peach Springs on the Hualapai Tribal Lands. I think I’ve finally found the magic equation for loading the van and balancing the trailer tongue weight, and the van isn’t burning tons of oil, meaning the machine shot finally got the valve guides right. Feeling hopeful as I come up the grade into Flagstaff. Love seeing the San Franciscos come into sight. Gonna be a chilly night.

San Francisco Mountains - Photo by Kerry O'Brien

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  1. Betty Goldstein
    May 19, 2015

    I live vicariously through your cross-country adventures. Great photos and writing.


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