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Wild Horse Shiloh’s Mustang Foal Arrives!

Wild horse Shiloh, heavily pregnant when I photographed her right before the Wyoming Checkerboard gather in October 2014 delivers a perfect mustang foal!

Wild mustang Shiloh delivers healthy foalMy dear friend Tammy got a long-awaited gift this Good Friday morning. During the night, Shiloh’s mustang foal arrived! We’ve all been anxiously waiting for the hefty Appaloosa mare to foal.

Shiloh, mustang, wild horses, Checkerboard - photography by Kerry O'BrienShe was clearly pregnant when I photographed her in the wild at Salt Wells Creek on the Wyoming Checkerboard last September right before she was gathered with her previous mustang foals and yearlings.

Shiloh, pregnant mustang mare - photograph by Kerry O'Brien   Wild mustang Shiloh delivers healthy foal

Shiloh is a big girl, but she must have been holding this foal a little extra long. Not only had she gone longer than all bets placed, this little filly was born looking like she’s two weeks old! Right now she’s sorrel, but some other interesting coloring indicates that will change. Too soon to tell. Maybe some day we’ll be able to figure out who her daddy is.

Wild mustang Shiloh delivers healthy foalShiloh and foal are doing very well. Tammy’s infinite patience has paid off. As cranky as Shiloh was (imagine being two weeks late!) she is allowing lots of petting and contact with Paisley, her adopted filly corral mate. Well done Tammy!

PS: Photos by Tammy except the wild one.





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