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The Human-Horse Bond Measured

Any of us who have been around horses knows that when we’re having a good day, our horse has a good day and vice versa. Now there is science to support that experience. Horse connection magazine has published an article about a study done by Ellen Kaye Gehrke, Ph.D along with the people at HeartMath® demonstrating that horses show heart rate coherence with humans.

“Our pilot studies have clearly indicated that human emotion affects the state of the horse,”

This excites me and leads me to wonder if the studies can eventually be expanded to include other animals? The implications for slaughter animals is something I can barely get my mind around and could be another example of science proving the absolute legitimacy of the Buddhist principle of ahimsa or “non-harming.”

This article was published some time ago so I plan to follow up and see how the research has progressed.

You can read the whole article here.