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Escape from L.A.

Thanks for checking out my blog 89NorthtoNirvana. Between being exhausted, being busy and having very limited access to wifi it’s taken awhile to choose the right platform and get this thing airborne. The first installment may be a bit long and/or boring, but I wanted this to be the unfolding story of a life journey (albeit it condensed compared to my personal journal) so bear with me as this beast lumbers to get off the ground. I hope you enjoy and are inspired by the trip!

Much love,
Kerry, Iggy and Henry

Where to start? Despite my deadline of leaving L.A. first by May 1, then June 1 and finally July 1, I finally made it out the morning of Tuesday July 29, 2014. Although I’d been preparing for nine months (or three years, or forty years, but who’s counting?) the final push required me to focus only on what was necessary for the entire month of July. My last day of work was June 26 and it was clear I was not going to be out of my apartment or clear the garage by July 1. On the 27th movers came to take my Gyrotonic Pulley Tower to it’s new home with friend and client Jeri in Redondo. I had sold the Pilates reformer a few weeks previously. I set another deadline for the incoming tenant of July 7 and worked literally day and night to get out of my apartment so that my handyman could make repairs that week and the painters could get in to paint over July 4th weekend. Even though it sounds like other people were doing the “work,” when one contracts work one’s self, it requires one to be on hand for endless decisions, supervision, provision and purchase of materials, running back to the store for more materials, correcting mistakes, buying lunch for the workers… Not much else gets done. By July 8 I was finally out, my calves were killing me from literally hundreds of runs up and down my stairs, but there was still much to do. My new Mac Book Pro was was giving me big trouble, not the machine, but the migration, all the connectivity, Apple and Microsoft authorizations, etc. and having access to wifi was essential, so I spent the next three weeks living in my garage, spending untold hours on tech support with Apple, Microsoft, mail servers and many, many trips to the “geniuses” at the Apple Store. Just getting the hard line phone turned off was a challenge. After searching their website several times for a way to turn off service (buried in the small print deep in their website I found it can’t be done online, even though when you they refer you to the website when you call). While simultaneously on hold for over an hour, I finally had to argue, ARGUE!!! with AT&T to turn of service. No, I am not moving. No I do not want my account put on hold. No. No. And no. I only know so many ways to say, “Cancel my service!” I hate AT&T! So that’s where the time goes. Just one example of hundreds.

There were many more last minute chores related to my property and vehicles. Great thanks goes to friends Betty and Teresa who allowed me to use their sewing machines in the eleventh hour to make curtains for my van and a new awning over the studio door when my 1943 Featherlight decided to freeze up. Why had I not attended to these things sooner? There was hardly a day in the previous months that did not require me to be doing something in preparation. I did lots of pre-emptive repairs on the property including tearing out lawn and putting in more native landscaping, a timed soaker system, replacing main water lines, pressure valves, new staircase, failing airconditioners, etc. In the final days both a power window and power lock on the lift gate of the van went out requiring trips to Pick-A-Part and hours of online searching to secure what may be the last lift gate lock actuator on the planet. I kid you not. I had the right front suspension rebuilt after taking the van to several shops that said it was fine, but I knew it was not. Huge difference afterward and well worth the $500. I had to go through the dozens of keys to the property and vehicles, getting duplicates made, throwing out mystery keys and setting up emergency back up systems. Hours. Not to mention the continual sorting and sifting of my belongings, yard sales, a U-Pick-It Party where I gave tons of stuff to friends, many boxes of books to the library and household stuff to Disabled Vets. It felt like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. No matter how much stuff I took out of that apartment, there was more. I will be eternally grateful to my incoming tenant Jonathan who was so easy going and genuinely appreciated the magnitude of this move, having previously done something similar himself. This went on all day every day for several months.

By Friday July 25 everything was staged, the computer problems persisted but were good enough to go. I realized I had become too complacent in the garage, mostly because of the access to wifi. (More on that later.) Saturday the garage tenant brought in his first load and was kind enough to help me get the rocket box and kayak on the van and the packing began in earnest, interspersed with provisioning trips to Trader Joe’s etc. Sunday I packed, did laundry and ran errands all day. Until 5am. Yes. That was the big push with endless things to think about. In the wee hours I was sitting on the garage floor sorting through sets of keys. I kept thinking I should just go to bed, but adrenalin was keeping me going. I wasn’t tired and I was thinking clearly. Also the trailer was parked in the alley and I didn’t want to hitch it to the van and I didn’t want to move it but I also didn’t want to get ticketed. Finally at 5am I laid in the bed in the van and slept until 7 am.

I got up and took the dogs to the park, collected some medicinal plants, dropped off my remaining library book and by then Trader Joe’s was open. By mid morning I left to go pick up my friend Rebecca’s little Chihuaha Mango, who I was delivering to her mom in Flagstaff. I realized there that there was a problem with the refrigerator in the trailer. And although I was not tired, I knew I was sleep deprived and was concerned about driving. It was hot, so I Rebecca was kind enough to take the dogs and I made a last ditch attempt to try and get Camping World to make good on their installation so a trek to Valencia was involved. They did nothing, but in retrospect, it was a good test drive because I was concerned that I was overweigh, but the rig handled well.

I came back to Van Nuys in the afternoon and decided to sleep in the trailer at Rebecca’s house and get up at 10pm to drive. When I woke up I realized that wasn’t going to happen, so we all went back to sleep and I finally left early Tuesday morning.

I’ll drop in the continuing escapades as I can condense from my journal and have access to wifi, complete with photos. Thanks to everyone who’s support has been instrumental in this journey, you know who you are, and stay tuned, the first day on the road I had an amazing experience!!!

Much love,

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